Increase traffic and customer loyalty with weekly brochures delivered overnight, directly to your venue. Put your schedules to work in a customized brochure for both on and off-site distribution. We create a brochure customized for your venue. You proof, approve and order weekly quantities online. The brochures are shipped directly to your venue for the beginning  of  each performance week – even for mid-week openings! It can’t get more user-friendly than that!

The content choices are yours to make...

  • Your weekly schedule plus synopses, cast lists, studio art, running times, ratings and coming attractions.
  • Support for other marketing programs and promotions including email newsletter sign-ups, advance ticket sales, midnight movies, kids’ movies, theatre rentals, gift cards/certificates, concession offers and more.
  • Space for local advertisers  – a great way to offset costs or as an advertising trade.

Additional Benefits...

  • Increase customer loyalty by providing brochures.
  • Increase traffic to your venue from brochures distributed at local restaurants, malls and other locations.
  • Increase your website’s hits, email newsletter sign-ups, and boost concession sales.





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