Newspaper Directory Ads

Save money spent on newspaper column inches through our high quality ads.
Black and white never looked so good!

  • Save money spent on newspaper column inches by decreasing your ads’ overall size while maximizing their aesthetics.
  • We create custom headers, toppers, graphics, or additional copy.
  • We can duplicate showtimes with certain attributes to also appear as a regular show ie., showtimes with Closed Captioning will also be listed as a regular run.
    We know the industry and take the reins...
  • We work with you and your newspaper to create the most cost effective ad plan for your venue’s showtimes.
  • We will track down missing schedules, and...
  • You will never miss a deadline because we send your ads directly to the newspaper.

See how we can revamp your current newspaper directory ads to
be more space efficient and visually appealing.


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