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Send your schedule, program information and weekly specials directly to your customers’ inbox with a newsletter customized to your venue. Grab their attention mid-week when they start making their weekend plans!

Immediate customer interaction weekly...

  • Information on your new movies, programs & coming attractions, including photos, trailers, synopses, film casts, studio art and more!
  • Custom artwork and welcome message.
  • Your full week schedule.
  • Special promotions advertised with graphics and text.
  • Trivia questions & box office grosses.
  • Anything else you want to include!

These newsletters convey YOUR message to your customers. Every newsletter has our popular popcorn welcome offer, as well as links for users to submit comments and manage their profiles. Users may also unsubscribe at any time.

Build customer loyalty...

  • Increase subscription rates with an immediate incentive to new subscribers. We can provide an online coupon in their customized welcome email.
  • Invite your subscribers to your venue for their upcoming birthday or anniversary, with a special offer of your choosing.
  • Engage your subscribers with an interactive online contest. Give away special offers that are trackable right from the newsletter!
  • Send a special email blast to promote events at your venue (contests, give-aways and special screenings.)
  • Real-time access to your own comprehensive report showing a wealth of information about who your subscribers are and how they use your newsletter.
  • Our team of dedicated graphic artists and email specialists oversees the weekly creation and broadcast of your newsletters. We built our content creation and broadcast systems from the ground up to optimize their functionality for the entertainment industry.




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