Mobile Website Design & Hosting

Keep in touch with your customers on-the-go with a mobile website.

Not only can West World Media host and design your a fully immersive website experience for your customers, but you can also keep in touch with your patrons on their smart phones and tablets.

Designed for quick access...

  • Optimized to all the latest devices; iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more
  • Fast access to showtimes and schedules
  • Geolocator code to zoom in on the closest cinema location
  • Small footprint site downloads fast and looks great
  • Ticketing links to mobile purchase pages

No extra work. It all happens automatically...

  • The same showtimes you update for your full-size site appear on your mobile site.
  • Trailers and posters are automatically sized for smaller screens



Website Design Gallery
R/C Theatres
R/C Theatres
The Retro Dome
The Retro Dome
The Light Cinema
The Light Cinema (UK)