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If it's playing on a screen (or even projected on the side of a building), we know at what time, each and every week.

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To complement our global showtimes data, we maintain an in-depth International MovieGuide which includes every film that has played, is playing, or soon will be playing in theatrical release.

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Generate revenue and create a more positive user-experience by offering the ability to purchase movie tickets via your online and/or mobile channels. We work closely with ticketing providers to provide you access to robust ticketing inventory.

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Our sources go straight to the red carpet so we are able to offer the best video footage and interviews with the biggest stars. We also provide up-close-and-personal, sit-down celebrity interviews.

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Stats are available for the highest weekly grossing films, as well as a list of the all-time biggest box office winners.

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We offer a detailed critique of all major releases, breaking down every aspect of the film, from story to acting to direction.

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Our reporters cover all angles of Hollywood news, including interviews with Academy Award® nominees, highlights from the Golden Globes®, Q & A’s with the stars, gossip behind reality television and weekly columns from respected reporters.